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A critical, foundational aspect of Inland Empire Memories is a forum for interaction where members can engage one another on the major issues affecting the primary records of Inland Southern California. This will ensure that this rich history is collected and preserved for future use.

Membership in the consortium is open to any public or private institution committed to identifying, preserving, interpreting, and sharing the primary records of the cultural, economic, political, and social history of the region. Membership will not be capped, and will continue to expand as Inland Empire Memories grows.


Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee is a non-voting body designed to advise staff and membership on projects, programming, services, and goals. The Committee will consist of a maximum of 20 members from participating institutions as well as the general public, and will meet on a quarterly basis. The University Librarian and Associate University Librarian for Collections and Scholarly Communications from UCR will serve as ex-officio members. Each Committee member will be asked to make an annual contribution of $100 to the Inland Empire Memories Research Fellowship Fund, which will support graduate student research on Inland Empire history and culture.